About Anchor Tank Lines

Anchor Tank LinesAnchor Tank Lines operates a fleet of over 200 pieces of equipment across the Eastern Seaboard. Anchor carries bulk dry cement, liquid asphalt, and liquid petroleum products. In late 2011, Anchor Tanks Lines expanded its carrier operations to include shipping bulk food products. Drivers are extensively trained to comply with all requirements, including the Food and Drug Administration General Principles of Food Hygiene. Additionally, the company employs numerous safety procedures to ensure food purity during tank washing and product trans loading.

Anchor Tanks Lines has received several awards from the energy industry in recognition of its superior service. ConocoPhillips has twice recognized the company, awarding the Superior Service Award in 2003 and its Excellence in Business Support Award in 2005. According to ConocoPhillips, the second-largest oil refinery in the United States, Anchor Tank Lines routinely exceeded expectations and always communicated in a timely and effective manner. Shell Oil, ExxonMobil, and British Petroleum have also recognized Anchor Tank Lines. Awards from these companies included Shell’s Excellence in Safety Performance Award, Exxon’s Safety and On-time Performance Awards, and British Petroleum’s Fleet Appearance and Customer Satisfaction Award. Lastly, at the 2007 Shell Oil Conference in Houston, Texas, Anchor Tank Lines took the Outstanding Service Award for delivering Shell cargo without any spills, injuries, accidents or other incidents in 2006.

Anchor Truck Lines has also been recognized by New York City, which awarded it the Eternal Vigilance Award, and by the U.S. Diesel Truckin’ Nationals and Motorsports Spectacular. At this event, purportedly the largest one-day trucking event in the country, Anchor Tank Lines took first place in the Most Outstanding Fleet category and third place in the Most Outstanding Tank Truck Unit category.


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